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Saut D'Eau

Saut D'Eau


Saut D’Eau a hamlet of pure paradise off the Northern Coast of Trinidad & Tobago has given great inspiration to the making of this scent masterpiece✨🕯❤️

Warm Sandalwood blended with Mandarin and ripe Blood Orange takes you on an oasis of Caribbean Blue majesty ❤️

Whenever we light this candle a sudden calmness envelops the space it’s almost like Enya is serenading in the background and the stress of life slowly dissipates... .
Given we are in solitary times and stuck indoors our imaginations can take us to places of beautiful vistas, where our minds can set at ease and the World is at peace. We in Trinidad & Tobago have been blessed with a country filled with wonders of nature, ones we can appreciate so much more now that distance has caused us time to reflect and give thanks for.

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